Save The Cradle

Save the Cradle was a campaign initiated in 2012 with the aim of rejuvenating Pumwani Maternity Hospital, in Nairobi Kenya, through the input of funds and resources from the private sector.

This site is now a historical record  of  the Save The Cradle Campaign (2013) 

Content here is mostly dated around that period and may not reflect the current state of the Hospital. Should you wish to interact please do so on the facebook page, which will have more recent  3rd party news of Pumwani from time to time.

Pumwani Needs Help

It is run down and in disrepair!

On countless occasions Government have waded in to Pumwani Hospital and various dignitaries have stood on podiums waving around huge figures and promises of money and change. Its our experience that this never occurs. Meanwhile the hsopital moves from scandal to scandal and the people suffer.

In 2012 Morris Moses Foundation attempted a bold campaign to change this. Numerous private sector partners were brought on board who shared this vision.
However despite a partnership agreement with the Hospital, co-operation was not forthcoming and at every turn we hit another brick wall. It seemed to all concerned that the Hospital Administration were happy to keep the the status quo. Some work was accomplished and you can read about it here.

Campaign Ended!
In the end unfortunately the only option was to abandon this campaign and hope for better days when administrators and authorities who cared more for the future than the status quo may appear.

This website and the work done will stand as a reminder of what could have been. Any person reading this who has the influence and power to change the status quo, please get in touch. The saying goes, if you encounter a wall in the way of life, you don’t give up because somewhere there is a hole in the wall or a way around. Perhaps in the coming years Government will come through with their promises.

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Pumwani Maternity Hospital is a referral maternity hospital located on the   east of Nairobi City. The Hospital was founded in 1926 by a Charitable Organization called Lady Griggs Welfare League and was named Lady Grigg Maternity.  In 1928 the first permanent building was put up at the Hospital and later some extensions were made to give the Hospital a bed capacity of 27.

Today, it is an Obstetric and referral hospital for delivery of expectant mothers in Nairobi, and adjoining districts.
It has 354 Obstetric beds,
144 baby cots and 2 Theatres.
Daily normal deliveries are 50 – 100, and Caesarean Sections are 10 – 15.


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 “New Look New Life” Save the cradle is a community run project that aims to improve patient care by improving facilities and standards of care.

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Challenges of Pumwani

Patient to Doctor /Nurse ratio Poor Infrastructure Lack of Modern Equipment Demotivated Staff. [/gn_column][gn_column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”2″]
Objectives of Save the Cradle

Renovate Refurbish and Equip Build and equip an ICU and NCU Build an Amenity Ward Capacity Building for Staff [/gn_column] For detailed information on how we plan to implement this link to SAVING THE CRADLE [/gn_tab]   [gn_tab title=” PUMWANI BABIES”]


Pumwani Maternity Hospital is where many of todays middle class were born, but today those same people would be ashamed if they walked inside and saw the conditions. They most certainly would never choose to have their child born there. Morris Moses Foundation seeks to change this scenario. Our concern is for those 80 – 100 births a day, for todays mothers who have to put up with very poor conditions.  Our appeal is to those Pumwani babies out there who would not like to see this great place, a national treasure continue to rot. [gn_column size=”1-2″ last=”0″ style=”2″]
Famous Pumwani Babies
Uhuru Kenyatta
Dr Evans Kidero
Phillip Kisia
Alice Mwongera
Joe Aketch
Mayor Aladua
Jimmy Gathu
Prof Githu Muigai [/gn_column][gn_column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”2″]

Famous Pumwani Parents
Mama Ngina Kenyatta
Prof Nathan Karaha [/gn_column]
Are you “Pumwani Baby”, “A friend of Pumwani” or a “Pumwani Parent”  [/gn_tab]   [gn_tab title=” CONTRIBUTE”]

Campaign Closed



Patient Rights

Morris-Moses-Foundation-Logo-portrait-clrbkgThe Morris Moses Foundation is at the forefront of Patient Centred Care in Kenya and in Africa.

Although this campaign came to an end.
The work continues.

In the years since, they have assisted the signing in to Kenyan Law of the First Patients Rights Charter as one of the main signatories. Work continues to disseminate this charter and educate patients on their rights that are contained within.

The Boresha Afya Awards were initiated to award good patient care wherever it is found and reported. See basakenya.org.

Alice Mwongera Ragu sits as the peoples representative on the Medical Tribunal, hearing cases against Health care practitioners who have broken the law through medical negligence.

Morris Moses foundation run an annual Patient Solidarity Day in the weeks before Christmas, where patients are brought gifts and often a released from their payment obligations as was the case in Tigoni Hospital 2013.

Facebook News Updates
A selection of 3rd Party News stories relating to Pumwani Hospital.

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