Campaign on Hold

We regret to say this campaign has had to be put on hold.. We have tried to do it, but have banged our heads against bureaucracy and are seeking a way forward.
We appreciate all the partners who came on board. It may be that we relaunch this at another hospital or a favourable climate emerges for us to kickstart this again. In the meantime unfortunately Pumwani still suffers.
So we desperately hope this is not the end of our efforts. This website and the work done will stand as it is a reminder of what could have been. Any person reading this who has the influence and power to change the status quo, please get in touch. The saying goes, if you encounter a wall in the way of life, you don’t give up because somewhere there is a hole in the wall or a way around.

This is our attitude, we don’t stop work we just re-focus. So in the meantime we have been at the forefront of patient centred care in kenya, as a founder of the Patients rights Charter. This year we are launching an award to recognize individuals who treat their patients well.
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