Saving the Cradle

This site is now a historical record  of  the Save The Cradle Campaign (2013) 

Content here is mostly dated around that period and may not reflect the current state of the Hospital. Should you wish to interact please do so on the facebook page, which will have more recent  3rd party news of Pumwani from time to time.

In 2012 The Morris Moses Foundation, embarked on an ambitious campaign to improve the conditions at the Pumwani Hospital by implementing the Patient Centered care model.
The main objective of the campaign dubbed Save the Cradle was to raise funds from the Private Sector to rehabilitate and support the Pumwani Maternity Hospital, the aim being to assist the hospital to enhance its capacity to deliver affordable high quality medical services. The funds raised would be used to refurbish the hospital in 3 phases:

–     Phase one: Refurbishment of the Hospitals key infrastructure

–     Phase Two: the Intensive Care

–    Phase three: Constructing a new wing at the hospital

Work Committed and Completed


  • Committed funds to rewire and renovating the New Born Unit.
  • Staff completed painting  the antenatal clinic on the 21st & 28th June 2013

Crown Paints

  •  supplied paints which were used to paint antenatal clinic.


  • Commited to provide  free wifi inside the Hospital.

Palacina Interiors

  • Commited to refurbishing the reception area.

e.d.g & Atelier Architects

  • Plans drawn up for a new reception area for Pumwani Hospital.


  • Provided a platform for individual fundraising.


  • Provided a new Fridge for the New Born Unit.


  • Prepared to offer space for future fundraising in store

Plaintree & Sai International

  • Partners of Morris Moses Foundation, providing organizational support.


Prior to Launch these were some of our partners who were ready to be involved.

Other Works

Work was done to repair the hospitals  borehole. Unfortunately the main pump unit was irretrievable and  a new borehole would have to be sunk.
This was crucial as the hospital went for days without Council water and had to ship water in at the last minute in tankers. The taps were often running dry.
A new Borehole was not sunk and to this day we are not sure if this is still the case.

Perimeter Fence
At this time a Perimeter Fence was also erected surrounding the Hospital. This was crucial for security.

Patient Centred Care Training
This was booked and ready to run, unfortunately at the last minute the Hospital backed out.